Practice LIVE with Miles Via ZOOM. It's an interactive experience. We can see each other and say hi, answer questions and offer feedback. If you can't practice at that time, check out the ON DEMAND library with all the REPLAYS ready for pay-per-view.


Or for only $30/month or $330/year, SUBSCRIBE and gain access a curated library of Miles's online offerings. Including: practices, tutorials, workshops, trainings, kirtan and other rare and weird bites and bits. Stream from anywhere. Cancel anytime. Or purchase individual practices a la carte.


Want more of a studio feel? For only $35/mo or $385/yr, join Kevin Bigger, Miles Borrero, Derek Cook and Giulia Pline on our NEW ONLINE COLLECTIVE platform. We offer an ONLINE YOGA STUDIO experience in recorded form. You could meet all your needs here or join without breaking the bank and still have enough left over to pepper in LIVE practices with teachers you love. It includes: ball rolling, resistance band work, soup cans (you'll have to see for yourself), sliding on socks and blankets, restoring on pillows and cushions, sweaty creative vinyasa and everything in between. We will add 16 new practices a month along with a bunch of shorter than 45 minute options. Plus over the months to come, we will be plumping out our restorative, yin, self massage, functional movement, yoga for elders and more...