Wonder women, represent!!

A student at teacher training asked me this weekend how I felt about always teaching “a group like this”, as she waved her arms in space desperately, showing me the room. She was Latin. I asked her “do you mean a “white” group? or a group of mostly women???” She said “Yeah, that and that. It’s just that it’s not like that in the real world. Or at least not in my world. Do you care or want to make change? And how do you make change if you are only teaching here?” I had mentioned I was Latin earlier, which I guess gave her the courage to make this somewhat awkward and brash pronouncement which hung in the stale air for a moment while my brain cranked into gear. Read more…

  • kirtan!!

    July 21 from 8:00-10:00
    Laughing Lotus NYC
    $20 at the door $15 in advance

    Meet Miles and the Monki Menace. Born over a lifetime and brewed here, in NYC. 95% Bhakti 5% special sauce, 1000% guaranteed to lift your spirits. Don't miss this evening of singing, community and fun! It’s KIRTAN with a kick and we can’t wait to share it with you.

    To register CLICK HERE!!


  • August Italy Retreat

    Italy August 28- Sept 4  with Joey Sbarro Join us for a toast at the Villa Monteleone…

    Close to Verona and Venice, with daytrips to both along with other amazing activities. Check it out!