EPISODE 4: Balance, Basic Goodness and Now What?

A Conversation with my teacher, Raghunath Cappo: Meet Raghunath, ex-punk, ex-monk, husband and father of four.

Raghunath born Ray Cappo was a Lower East Side hardcore/punk singer songwriter icon, touring the globe in his teens. In a decadent music scene infested with hard drugs, negativity and intoxication he was an anomaly and a light propounding clean living, positive attitude and vegetarian lifestyle, inspiring tens of thousands of fans internationally.

Since his youth he was fascinated with Eastern thought and took his inspiration from Emerson, Ghandi, Thoreau, The Bhuddhist Sutras, The Bible and the Bhagavad Gita.

He started practicing yoga in NYC in 1987 with the esteemed Sri Dharma Mitra as well as Shivananada Yoga.  The pettiness of the business of music and the untimely death of his father led him to India in 1988 where he dove deeper into the the lifestyle and spirituality of India. He became a celibate monk at a Krishna Bhakti Ashram for 6 years where he intensely studied, meditated and lived the ancient yogic texts. In 1991 in the sacred village of Vrindavan he was awarded the name Raghunath and two years later in that same holy town awarded diksha or the sacred thread, for his study.

Now, 23 years later, Raghunath is an accomplished yogi in many styles. Married with five children he leads retreats, workshops and and yoga teacher trainings especially in Los Angeles and New York City. He is an inspirational force in the community by living yoga and taking the esoterica of yoga philosophy and making it practical and understandable in contemporary life.

Check him out:

EPISODE 3: Lineage, Mentors and Finding Your True Line

This month I spoke with Amber Leigh Burnham and Elisa Jane Noel, owners of the Center for Length, who are also part of the Guild For Structural Integration. They are amazingly insightful and have both worked with their hands on bodies for a very long time. So they have a unique perspective on movement, health and alignment. In this conversation, we dive into the benefits of Structural Integration work, which I have been a fan of for a long time, we discuss what it is to be part of a lineage and have a mentor, and finally, the how connecting to what I call your plumb line and what they call your line, is actually a way to connect to something greater and a move toward the health of your spirit after death.



EPISODE 2: Consent From A Somatic Perspective

This is a conversation with Jeff Crockett from about his work around breath and movement and how it delves into consent from a somatic perspective.

Jeff Crockett is a somatic therapist and breath and movement teacher in private practice in Los Angeles. He also teaches workshops in New York and Rome, Italy.

He has developed his work from over 30 years of teaching breath, movement and voice. His training began at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London where he received an advanced diploma in voice studies (distinction). It was there that he began studying the Alexander Technique and other forms of movement and breath work. He received his certification to teach the FM Alexander Technique from the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles in 1995. He began studying the work of Ilse Middendorf over 20 years ago and is a certified practitioner of Middendorf Breathwork. He is also influenced by the work of Kesha Fikes, a certified therapist of the Danis Bois Method and a somatic therapist specializing in trauma and attachment-centered manual therapy.

He was the head of voice at The American Conservatory Theater for over 20 years, and for over 10 years he has been a regular guest faculty member at the Accademia Nazionale Silvio d’Amico in Rome, Italy.

In both group and private work, he is interested in helping people access their innate resources of power, creativity, insight and equilibrium. His focus is helping people meet themselves deeply, and to grow from the experience of being truly seen and met by another.


EPISODE 1: Teachers and Leaders with Milard Roper

This month I interviewed Milard Roper Owner of The Funky Om Yoga and Wellness and Om Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Long Island: Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression for Milard. Milard is a licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist as well as a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist. Milard has also taught Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years. His passion for these arts and his innate knowledge of the body comes through clearly when he is teaching yoga. Milard’s enthusiasm for life and the balance he has created in his professional and personal life is inspirational to his students, patients, friends and family. Milard was trained directly by Ana Forrest and Raghunath. Milard incorporates Ana’s focus on alignment and connecting to the breath as well as Raghunath’s strong physical practice and rich tradition of yogic philosophy into his classes. Owing everything to his teachers he feels blessed to have made such powerful connections both in the Forrest and Bhakti communities.