Visions To Be Seen…

“You think I have visions because I am an Indian. I have visions because there are visions to be seen.”

~Buffy Saint-Marie


Celts are an ancient and mystical people with a long tradition of healers. Those of you who know me, know that I love myths and stories. I guess it’s not a huge surprise since I grew up in the land responsible for bringing us magical realism. But what’s most interesting to me about myths is where what we perceive as reality meets what we perceive as impossible.

The story of King Arthur has always been one of my favorites. It was my grandfather Papo’s as well (who passed away earlier this year). I don’t say legend because some circles are certain Arthur existed and that he pulled that sword out of that stone. Usually it’s told as a tale of a manI with superhuman, godlike strength pulling a sword from an unyielding rock. This show of extraordinary power being the reason people loved him- they feared him.

The Celtic tradition offers a different interpretation. Arthur being so intuitive and self possessed, having studied to be a healer under Merlin all those years and become a mighty mystical himself, feels the miniscule ways in which the apparent solid rock moves. We are all aware that matter vibrates. So it’s not insane to consider that an extraordinarily sensitive set of hands may be able to feel these almost imperceptible ululations. Feeling how the blade and the rock meet, Arthur is able to move with the vibrations in order to free the blade. People revered him not because they were afraid of him, but because they understood him to be the incredibly sensitive and intuitive leader he was. Now that’s some zen shit for you.

I love this perspective because it’s how it was handed down to me from my grandpa. But also because it sits in diametrical opposition to the other interpretation. And that tension also really touches on a deep philosophical grey area as to the significance of power and its meaning.

I think it’s safe to say that if there is any part of you that is a sadhaka, a yogi, a seeker, there is also a part of you that is aware how blurry the lines between two rights can be. Even if it’s just on a purely physical level. When you started yoga perhaps downward facing dog or half moon pose or any yoga pose for that matter felt impossible. Then time chipped away at it and you making the impossible plausible, maybe even pleasurable. Things do change. And sometimes miraculous, amazing, even unexplainable things happen.

When I was little we were riding Space Mountain with my dad and his wallet slipped out of his back pocket. He leaned forward to tell yell in my mom’s ear  waving his hand out open up to the heavens in frustration and just as suddenly, the wallet landed back in his hand in mid air. What are the chances? Very small I imagine. Impossible. Yet, it happened.

I’m interested in inspiring you to become curious in the spaces of possibility. The spaces in between beliefs. To cultivate a sense of wonder both inside yourself and the world around you. I really wish that for you. And for me.

I know this blogpost is a bit late. I’ve been hard at work on my book. So it’s been harder to bifurcate my focus. I’ve also begun my studies in cranio-sacral therapy and am offering reduced price sessions while I learn. If you’re interested in having one, shoot me an email.

I hope you have a great close out to your summer. Please let me know if there’s any way I can serve you better this coming school year. I’m off to teach in Japan this coming Wednesday and will be back to work Sept. 13. In the meantime, please enjoy this exquisite short film.


Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t 

A new hour and forty minute advanced practice is now on the Vimeo channel along with a bunch of other practices of all lengths and levels. Enjoy.

Nuqui, Colombia
Feb 18-25

It’s happening again, the group is already looking lovely. If you know you want to come, don’t wait till the last minute to sign up.

Arm Balances
Yogaworks Brooklyn Heights, NY
Saturday Sept. 15 from 1:30-3:30

Arm balances have more to do with balance and alignment than strength. Much like any building or piece of architecture, if you stack the bones up properly and create a good foundation, the rest will follow.

Arm Balances
Yogaworks Back Bay, Boston
Saturday Sept. 22 11-1

Arm balances have more to do with balance and alignment than strength. Much like any building or piece of architecture, if you stack the bones up properly and create a good foundation, the rest will follow.

The Art of Hands On Assists
Yogaworks Back Bay, Boston
Saturday Sept. 22, 2-4

Touch is an art and can be very healing. Each person is unique and sparks a different conversation. In this workshop we will distill poses to educate our eyes to follow the lines of energy in the body and sharpen our instincts. Recruiting our creativity, sense of wonder and respect for each other will bring us deeper into the conversation of compassionate and clean touch. Thus unleashing the alchemy of healing for both parties.

Yoga And Mantra Unplugged
Yogaworks, Cambridge, MA
Sunday Sept. 23 12-2pm

This is hybrid between a led class and self-practice. Miles will lead the sequence in small doses, which you will then have a chance to practice on your own time with your own flare- making them slower or faster/ harder or easier/or finding different gems along the way. As you practice, Miles and Caroline will create a music soundscape for you to move with.