the winds of change…

Certain spaces, events and people alter you on a deep level- in a cellular, DNA kind of way. So it has been for me, working at Kula the past five years. What a wild ride! These years have shape-shifted me, formed me, bent me in and out of shape, and completely transformed my practice and teaching. They have been rigorous, joyful, brutal, playful, fun and fierce, with a splash of sweetness. They have given me my back-spine and my wings.

If our creaky old building could speak… Oh, the things she would say. I have been humbled to tears by all of you singing with me and going along for the roller coaster ride of my sequences. I have loved practicing with you there: learning, sweating, the occasional looking up from down dog being like ‘what the fuck does she want us to do?’ and loosing it laughing because it was indeed ridiculous yet possible. (The jedis in the room quickly dispelling the idea that it couldn’t be done.) At Kula, anything can happen. I love that. My mind has been blown, my creativity has exploded and my understanding of myself and my body has steadied and become unwavering. I have truly become an artist.

My time with you has been rich and full: I’ve felt pretty much every possible emotion under the sun- as can only happen with a home that is well lived in. There are no words to express my gratitude to Schuyler and Nikki for giving me a place among such a dynamic community of teachers, the best in the city, really (in my opinion). The student in me has flourished under all your tutelage and the teacher has seen a potential I could not even have imagined. I have not just seen beauty beyond belief but experienced it from you over and over in what you do. Your sense of play, lust for asana and the human body, together with your strong, bright personalities, make my heart smile. Nikki and Schuyler- what you have built is unique and wild. You are both amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be a small part of it.

With that, Kulis, I must tell you I have let go of my classes at Kula. As life has it, time and events kept pointing me in this direction. Sometimes it takes decisions a long time to marinate. It was persistent and kept nagging at me until I was ready to listen. I will be teaching one last class this Sunday Oct 11. at 9:15. Please come, chant, practice and say hi! Your generosity of spirit and adventurous natures will always inspire me as a person and teacher. One doesn’t easily forget the amazing sounds and breath filled shapes we created for so long within those walls… Lets make the space full with mantra one last time together!!!

For now, my schedule is taking a breath so I can work on some new projects and finish healing. Which means I won’t be rushing to fill the empty space. If you miss me, it is so simple: check out my schedule at Pure Yoga and email me- you are more than welcome to come as my guest. Don’t be shy, that will get you nowhere and it would be my treat to have your company. You are welcome to contact me anytime, invite me to come practice with you, come practice with me- don’t be a stranger. I did my first down dog this past week after almost three months, so I will be ready to go hit up the mat with you soon.

Also, I have some delicious retreats planned for you this winter. February 15-21, Kevin Bigger and I are taking people to Colombian Pacific coast (where I grew up) to a stretch of breathtaking beach that will be exclusively ours. One of the the most magical places I have ever been to. It is a surf and yoga retreat. You can surf in the water or on a hammock, I happen to be a master of the later and can offer some expertise, free of charge. This trip is really meant for deep relaxation and recharging, the food is fresh and absolutely delicious, and as with all my retreats, you will come in perhaps with a friend or two or not knowing anyone and leave with a family. I did it last year and now I can’t imagine going the winter without it. We have the weekend before the retreat free so you can explore Medellin, which is a world destination and an awesome city, and flights are direct and relatively inexpensive to get to Medellin. we take it from there. If you sign up by Nov 15, you get the early bird price of 1800. This price includes the puddle jumper and boat to Nuqui, and all the meals, yoga and lodging. Come!

April 9-17, Derek Cook and I will be taking a group to Salvador Bahia, the music capital of Brazil. This retreat is more of a traveling adventure, lots of outings to see the local sites, delicious meals and an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the warm, lively, Brazilian culture. There will be surfing, for the surfers, and we will obviously be taking a capoeria class together. I mean, when in Brazil…

Thanks yogis, really!!! I am so lucky to get to do what I do and to cross paths with all of you. You keep me going through the good, the rough and the sticky… And if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter. It will keep you abreast of everything that is happening with me and all my offerings. I only send them out once a month so I promise not to crowd your inbox. The tab to sign up is right under the menu.