The Lost Bois…

Unknowingly we had all been thinking about it since we arrived. Sometimes the good things in life take a minute to make themselves heard. That big rock, sitting out there in the bay looked so inviting. A little head with spiky green tree hair. It was pretty far though. Far enough to give pause, my wing not being whole and all…

We began taking daily swims. At first we didn’t know we were doing it. I went out first. When I looked around, reinforcements had spontaneously materialized. We first swam out to the other, less interesting looking rock, the one that was closer. Slowly creeping our way farther and farther. All week we swam. Shyly flirting with it. But it kept calling. Until eventually we made it out all the way. Even though we were thinking about it, we didn’t climb up. And we were all thinking about it.

Finally, the last day, it was time to complete the mission- to make good with our spirit. No more fucking around. We set out, put our five fingered toe shoes on, we stripped (leaving our swimsuits along with our former sense of selves laying on the beach)- we were the lost bois. Stepping into the bay, which was perfectly green. The water sliding along our skin. The sun on our backs. Delicious perfection…

Until a small boat arrived with provisions and some passengers. Don’t mind us, here we are buck naked! But we were beyond caring. The wild was coming out. Kevin, worried that we felt as naked as we were jumped in the water to meet us. Later, I learned that he was coming to offer to bring us our suits. We’re going to explore the rock, we said. I’ve been wanting to do that, he said. So we all dove in and began the swim.

Not having moved my body well over the last seven months due to the accident, the long swim felt ecstatic. Hearing the sound of my breath under water as I closed my eyes and swam at what felt like the sweet spot soul, I prayed for it to never end. I was perfectly free. It seemed for a second that I could not remember being happier. I could not remember at all. I was levitating right in the center of myself. Here. Now. I had everything I needed and felt unencumbered. Worries, memories, regrets, desires and wishes felt assuaged. I was completely at ease and longed to be exactly where I was.

I feel that way often when I travel. It isn’t that I live a horrible life I have to run away from. I don’t believe in that. I’ve taken the trouble to carve out a life I love so that I don’t need to run away from it. Travel reminds me of the important things. To forget where my cell phone is and even what it’s for. When you have no reception, you may as well use your cell phone as a paper weight. It loses all it’s power. When you aren’t wearing a watch or anything, for that matter, your day becomes more spacious. You can tune into your natural biorhythm. Stuff stops mattering, and the only thing in your day is relationship. Your relationship to the sand, the sky. Your relationship to your tribe. Your relationship to yourself.

The waves made a big sway and it was harder than it looked to catch hold of the jagged edges on the rock. Climbing up like hungry wolves we stood there, assessing our new kingdom- the shore, the endless ocean, the gigantic nest resting right above our heads, the water- so green- under us. We dove off the edge into the water, splashed around, laughed and played, in what felt like a stolen teenage conspiracy of silence and awe. Finally plunging into the water we made our way back. We swam slower fearing it would end.

I’ve been back now for a week and a half. My sense of wonder, however has stayed somewhat intact. Something may have shifted inside of me as I have enjoyed all these chance encounters with friends upon my return. These surprises happen. They seem to happen often, and magically. But not if we don’t let them. If we get so scheduled and rigid, there is no room for them. Space. Space is key. Things happen, when there is space. They happen in the silence. In the still moments. They bud when you are joyful and slightly unprepared.

I believe in creating a life that you don’t need to run away from or take a vacation from. There’s a lot of magic in the place where practice becomes life itself, where they are easily interchangeable. Yet, changing perspective can be such a wonderful reminder of a different way. Highlighting things we miss that we would like to add back in. Maybe I’m crazy yogis, but it feels like spring is in the air. The days are getting longer and more light. And I for one, am ready to get out there into the world and see what adventures await.

Thank you all so much for your donations to the album!!!! The Monkey Menace is proud to announce that we were fully funded and then some, thanks to you! We are so excited to create this album for you and will be announcing our very first NYC Kirtan, coming this May, very soon. The band is a whole new journey for me and one I will cherish. I’m here and teaching at the Bhakti Center and Pure Yoga all of March. In April I will be joining the staff at Prema Yoga in Carroll Gardens and will be teaching in their new space. So stay tuned on that. You can always look at the website for updates. And I am also steadily adding some classes you can take when you travel or if you are out of town on vimeo. If there are things in particular that you want to learn about, shoot me a note and I’ll teach them so that you have access to them.
Come and visit, or give a shout out. Big love!!!