take the gifts of this hour…

The chewy, gooey taffy-like consistency of Time fascinates me. Before time pieces, how did we tell time? How did we even know it was a thing itself? It feels so different to me than it does to you. Was it the rhythm? A pulse? Our very own heartbeat? Being separated from those we loved?

Even now, with the tic-toc of the clock, a few minutes seem like a lifetime or a year feels like a day? Everything stops and warps into slow motion with the bat of an eyelash, or speeds up. It only takes but a second. Yet the clock keeps ticking telling you and me it is not so. You can remember everything about a moment, the light, the smell, the feeling of the air, how you felt or perhaps it gets lost in the coffers of time. And then, as time passes events are altered by its sepia tones and weathered by it’s condensation.

I missed Spring last year. In its entirety. Or at least it feels like I did. It suddenly feels like I missed all of last year. It’s what happens when you are undertaking a big mend- allowing time to steadily suture you back together. And yet I was there. More like a shadow of me, throughout all of it. A hint of myself, a splash.

Sitting in the park, surrounded by trees, yesterday; spring peeking through the leaves; the sun on my skin- I felt my whole body awaken. As if I had been asleep for years. I couldn’t remember if it always felt this way come Spring. Maybe. That could be it. Maybe I missed every year. Or maybe it feels that way, every year. I moseyed through a part of town that used to be mine many years ago. Enjoying the feeling of meeting an old shadow of my Self as my current Self smelled the flowers. I visited an old studio, you could say- an old friend. A space where life once exploded, brought there, this time, by some new and wondrous magic. Past and present, dancing in their exchange. Everything feeling so whole. So complete. Like an energetic bow to myself and my time in this crazy city. It will be 14 years this summer. That’s not lost on me. I have never lived anywhere that long. Well, until now. It made me wonder how much longer I’ve got. For no reason at all. I’m not planning on leaving. Yet. The future folded in on my present for just a moment. Everything felt important. not precious, though, just heartfelt. For now, I am quiet. Peaceful and content. This is my home. Past selves running into future selves, letting the current selves pass them on the street with a nod. Things feel good. I’ve moved on.

I thought we moved into this new space so I could get where I was going faster. That wasn’t it at all. We moved so I could Take. My. Time. The big easy. So I could actually slow my roll and get where I was going at pace. Life will never be the same.

Happy Spring everyone!

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