summer lovin’

Summer is here everyone! It’s my favorite time in New York City. I know it gets sticky and gross sometimes, but being out and about in the sun makes the city more alive and spontaneous. And there is something about the heat that is unruly and very visceral. Just over the last week I have bumped into a bunch of people I hadn’t seen in a while on the street. I love that. And every chance meeting has slightly derailed my day in some other unchartered, wonderful direction. After retrospective winter, it is so nice to want to and be able to say “Yes!” and simply go with the flow.


Rare and Weird Armbalances
Pure East on Saturday June 15th from 2-4. It’s going to be arm-azing and Weird-tabulous! You won’t want to miss it. Check the website at

More happenings:

Summer Subbing: I’ll be teaching at Kula Williamsburg on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 starting June 15th.

New Playlist:

I posted a new playlist on my site for you to enjoy. Enjoy! And send along any good tunes you are listening to. As Bob Dylan said, “Play it fuckin’ loud!”