spirit food


I just completed a nine day teacher training with Ana Forrest. She is a dynamic blend of heart and clarity. And she is fierce, she will challenge all of your bullshit until you come face to face with it. If you ever get a chance to work with her, she is the real deal- truly a Maha Teacher. She spoke of feeding our spirit, that the spirit, like the body needs food, really good food to make it happy. She asked us to take a little time every day to feed our spirits and to be curious about what makes our connection to spirit thrive. We made a list of these things that help cultivate a full blown love affair to our spirit. Now that’s an awesome love affair to get into right before Valentine’s day. And I don’t think your spirit would consider it cheating if there is another spirit who quickens your blood right now. I left feeling inspired and alive and wanted to share ten things with you that feed mine:

1. unexpected kisses during a crazy glittering snowstorm
2. running energy over Mahaila (the cat) and watching her tail twitch faster than I’ve ever seen it twitch before
3. finally standing in my power and saying no to a situation that had to stop
4. sitting by the moonlit ocean
5. swimming in natural bodies of water, I’m not picky: the Ganga, rivers, lakes, oceans, hot springs…
6. reading a good book in my chair
7. playing music and singing
8. hammocks
9. hearing my friends laugh
10. travel because it challenges me to listen more and take people and differences in

On that note, you still have time to decide to come to Colombia if you are over the winter. I’m not going to lie, I can’t wait. Cartagena, the ocean, no bugs, perfect weather, my students, and diving deep into practice. ALL of which make my spirit happy. You should come!