Rediscovering Joy

“Happiness is an emotion that is connected to circumstances, and…joy is a spiritual way of engaging with the world that’s connected to practicing gratitude.”
~Brené Brown

After noticing the last couple of months that my thoughts were trending down a negative spiral and that I was spending a lot of my energy worrying and catastrophizing, I have reconnected to gratitude of late. This has reminded me that gratitude is not an attitude it is a practice and an unequivocal path to joy.

This week, I have felt grateful for so many things:
– the heat
– my creativity
– taking the time I need
– exploring uncharted territories with my love on bicycles
– our hilarious puppies
– donuts
– ice cream
– teenagers
– working with people I adore and creating together
– photography
– friends
– my health
– scrappiness
– resilience
– movement

These not small things spontaneously brought with them more gratitude, a part of the process I had forgotten. And in turn have given me such joy and feeling of unfettered freedom that made me feel even more grateful for that. It is as much of a generative cycle as negative thinking.

It’s not that we need to pretend to be positive or that we can’t allow ourselves to have our darkness and own it. It is just that perhaps that it doesn’t always have to own us.

This is a time of big transitions. Be patient with yourself as you shift and emerge. And if you have lost connection to your joy, try taking a moment every day to think about and articulate something you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter how small or big, the rewards are great.