That’s Kali. Yeah. Check her out. That’s Siva she’s standing on. Her boyfriend. It’s like that. We will get back to her in a minute.

Endings are scary. Perhaps because they remind us of death. They are in fact themselves little deaths. Election Day is upon us.

If Hillary wins, it will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it and it will be the end of a history of disregarding and disrespecting women. I say a history, because those things will still happen, but we will have walked through a door that has no turning back into acknowledging where we are with these issues and where we’ve come from.

If Trump wins, it will be the end of the world as we know it. All bets are off.

Either way, we stand at a crossroads. The volume is turned up as loud as it will go. At this point, we just have to get ‘er done. But regardless what happens Tuesday, life will continue. We will continue. The work will continue. There will be a death or many many deaths. An end is near.

The yogi, does not shy away from endings or death. They are necessary for rebirth. For things to start over and have freshness. Kali dis-members things. That’s why it’s up to us to remember them. When we remember where we’ve come from, who we really are, we are truly doing that- re-membering. Putting ourselves back together in a new way to leave that old skin behind. Have you ever seen a snakeskin? It’s so intense. And gross. And so cool. You just want to touch it. Snakes just up and leave it behind. Which can be a rigorous and painful process, or a joyous breaking free feeling. Or everything and anything in between. Who knows…

In the yogic calendar, we are in the great Age of Kali– the Kali Yuga. Kali is precisely the part of ourselves that is capable of ending something. So here we are in the eye of the storm. A most interesting time. Most of the time we know what will happen in our lives. We have learned to control most outcomes and curate events so there’s very little surprise or guesswork. Everything is predictable. Due to that, this window of time is a precious opportunity. A special time of freshness and unknowingness. It’s the kumbhaka, the retention before the inhale or exhale. It’s the limbo. The space in between. That feeling of flying. A very fertile time. Are we brave enough to embrace it and ride it and howl like wolves? How exciting. How terrifying.

No matter what happens, a big change is upon us. Things must die in order to be reborn again. We know this because this is the samsara, cycle, of life, the very thing we are made of. None of us will escape this cycle. Those are the rules of the game. When this change occurs, we will remain. And we will continue to work. To do the things that need to get done. Do not shut down. Do not disconnect. Dig deep. Continue to participate and do your part. No matter what. ‘Till then…

Go vote.
Go vote.


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