Wholehearted: Myth, Mantra and Movement

Sunday March 29, 4-6pm
Flow Yoga Center, Washington, DC

Wholehearted is what we are when there’s no part of us we deny, tuck, hem, manicure or curb. It is what happens when we are running on all cylinders. In this masterclass, Miles will weave Indian myth, mantra and physical practice seamlessly, creating a container through which we can explore and access the space of wholeheartedness. Miles’ sequencing is artful and beautiful, moving the body gracefully and with ease even through challenging postures. He is an engaging storyteller and musician, which he uses as tools to further melt your heart into yummy ness. This is a perfect practice to end your weekend, containing live music and a yoga nidra sound meditation for the last twenty minutes. If all goes well, and it should, you will leave feeling open, rested and ready to take on the week to come.