Practice with me on your own time!

As of May 24th 2021, On Demand Practices have migrated to Ribbon.

This platform allows me to organize things much better and is much more user friendly. I hope it will  make taking class easier and more enjoyable for you. You can Pay-Per-View OR Subscribe to one of the following passes. Over thirty practices are already there awaiting you, and I will continue to migrate the rest of the library in the upcoming weeks.

On-Demand Library:


Classes are priced based on length. Rentals are valid for 24 hrs. after purchase. You can also easily rent a class for a friend or loved one if you’d like (Pay What You Like From $10-30):



  • Chill Pass -$25 Gives you access to all the downregulating, chill practices that include restorative, nidra, and yin.
  • Shorty Pass -$30- Gives you access to all practices under 55 min.
  • On-Demand All Access Pass -$45 Gives you full access to all the Replays in my library, vintage and current, all lengths and intensities.
  • ALL ACCESS PASS (Livestream & On-Demand) –$165
    Gives you access to Livestream & On-demand library + a FREE 30 minute private (priced at $90) with me for the first month you sign up. (I’ve migrated over 30 practices and will be uploading the rest over the next few weeks.)

To view the whole library, click the button or scroll down the page.