off to the motherland


First of all, I wanted to thank you! I have seen so many of you in class lately, between all the new spaces I am teaching at, and you have no idea what it means to me every time I see one of you. You guys are amazing, and without you, I would go nuts.

I am getting ready to set out to India tomorrow where I will be assisting one of my very dear teachers, Raghunath, with his retreat. In my experience, India is a big heart space, so I am excited to reconnect to my own heart and to be of service while our group of yogis does the same. I will be teaching a bit, chanting a lot and soaking it all in.

Before I leave, I wanted to let you know that the day I get back, Sunday Oct. 14, I am teaching a workshop in the afternoon at Pure West 5:15-7:17 called “Handgliding: Inversions and Heart Opening”. You should come if nothing else just to experience my craziness after a fifteen hour flight. Haha! I will however, have time for a nap before teaching, but I’m guessing I am going to be on fire!!! So come! It is open to everyone, and is also part of a big festival weekend with lots of different workshops and teachers, and it might be fun if you want to check out other stuff. You can register for a bunch of things or just the one workshop. If you are interested go to to the workshop tab and it will be under Prema Symposium. I hope to see you there. It tried to add the link here, but baby is not that computer savvy…

Also, the details for Colombia have been figured out. Sarah Clark is getting them ready to post. You can check her website out if you are curious about her:

We are so excited to go this year. If you have any burning questions, you may contact her while I am gone at as I’m guessing I will not be on my email a lot. She can answer all of your questions for now. I am adding a video I made from last year’s trip to entice you into coming with us. It is going to be a-mazing! And did I mention that Cartagena and Palomino not only have perfect weather at that time of the year, but no bugs?

As always, you can join my newsletter through this link:

Hope to see you all very soon…