Of Colombia 2013 and other matters…

It is happening yogis, March 9-17. Come travel to Cartagena and Palomino with Sarah Clark and I. Perfect weather, no bugs- you will see a country that has not yet been visited that much by tourists. If you are a Garcia Marquez fan, these are the lands and the people that inspired his writing. A wonderful group is already starting to take shape. Our intention is to dive into and refine not only your asana practice, but some of the philosophical practices. The hope is to work hard and play hard and come back feeling clean and realigned. We will look at mantras and their effects on your mind, meditation, and delve deeper into philosophy. It will be a great opportunity for you to pick our brains with the stuff that is lighting you up right now and also the stuff that seems allusive. Sarah is an amazing wealth of knowledge and I can’t wait to get a chance to learn from her and from you guys. If last year was any indication, it is going to be ecstatic!!! Come!!!!

In other matters, it has been one surreal fall. I have been talking in class a lot about the difference between apanic, grounding energy and pranic, outward going energy. As our New York continues to repair and heal from the hurricane, it is important to make sure that you are not releasing so much energy that you are finding yourself empty and depleted. By all means help, donate and motivate, but when you come to your mat, dedicate that time to yourself and your wellness. That way when you are off the mat, you have resources to tap into. You need both energies and if you stay in one extreme or the other, you lose that stirra, steadiness, and the sukha, the sweet spot. Especially if winter has a tendency to get you down, being of service, volunteering your time and energy can certainly take the emphasis off of you and make you feel better, so I definitely encourage you to do it in your way. I have volunteered and taught in a benefit and it has just been amazing to be a part of the healing process. It has felt so good and enriching. It is inspiring to work toward healing these wounds together and to see others pitching in.

Also, I am doing an Inversions and Mantra workshop on Dec. 15 at 2:30 at Living Yoga in queens. The info is in the workshop tab.