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We put a lot of love into the album and hope you enjoy these mantras and sacred music. It was our first attempt at recording something and came with a very steep learning curve. I hope you receive it in the way it was meant- an offer to the light of your own spirit, to soften the edges around your heart and move us closer as a community toward peace and love.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed their talent and time to making it happen. The amazing musicians: Kyle Blaha, Desmond Bowe, Charlie Braun, Gabriel Denton, Caroline Duncan, and Justin Green who played their hearts out on very little prep. And our producers and technicians: Charlie Braun and Garrett Sawyer who are wizards and transformed a day in the studio into this awesome gift. And I’d also like to thank you guys- who inspired me to try something new. I remembered that I don’t know anything and that I am simply a humble student of life. How wonderful it is to learn and grow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!