it’s like thunder, lightning…

The first of the summer thunderstorms came tumbling down this past weekend. It happened while I was taking class. Those of you who have traveled with me know that I have a huge affinity for water and that there is nothing I love more than to practice with torrential downpours. I’ve even been known to throw down some poses and dance in it. This storm was beautiful because it was a humid Sunday in the afternoon so people didn’t seem to have to rush out to their next thing. A handful of us simply sat there and watched through the glass door of the studio as the street turned into a river and the sky lit up with lightning. I felt completely happy and at ease as I let the sound wash over me. These showers always feel cleansing whether I’m standing inside listening and watching, or getting drenched. It signaled the clear beginning of summer.

Those who leave New York in the summer are missing out on one of the funnest times to be in the city. There are fewer people, for one. It feels like you can let down your hair a little and be more reckless. It’s so hot that people can’t get away with being so well put together. Space opens up for ambling as opposed to doing the immediate NYC shuffle from point A to point B. Appointments don’t feel so tight for some reason, you run into people and they send your day in a whole other direction. Time gets more languid. I love the heat, which makes hanging out with friends amazing and a bit raw and sloppy. The parks come alive with awesomeness. And in the midst of all of it, my body feels good while moving. I even love it when I can’t see because the sweat stings my eyes as I practice. I know, I know. But I do. Students are always apologizing because they are sweaty when they come in for a hug after class, but listen, people, if a little sweat scared me, I would not do what I do for a living. After a good summer practice you’ve pretty much earned your ice cold beer or lemonade/kombucha, or whatever overpriced drink you prefer.

So to kick off the summer fun this year, I am releasing a project I worked on about four years ago with a bunch of yogis and actors. We thought it would be funny to make a mockumentary about yoga. Like a Best In Show. We wanted it to be a full length film eventually, but never finished it. We got 18 minutes into it. The premise: Yoga is going to the Olympics. You are mostly going to meet the olympic hopefuls in these takes, but I think they are fun, and I was sad that these wonderful actors never got to showcase their work. We had no budget and all the actors gave donated their time. So here is the first episode for you to enjoy. If you are lucky, you might even spot me acting somewhere in one of the episodes. hahahaha. There are four short episodes. I will release one every three weeks throughout the summer on my youtube channel, so if you like the silliness, subscribe. Ladies and gentlemen (drumroll please), I present: