I just got back from Colombia…

and was reminded how AMAZING it is! I was in the rainforest. A place so far removed from everything that we were in candlelight at night. The only schedule that mattered was that of the tide and when you were hungry. And the only place that received any kind of cell reception, if you were lucky, was a rock out in the ocean. I think I slept the best I had slept in all of 2012. At night, I sat by the ocean and had time to myself to think and to process. I learned that when you are upside down, with no other light but moonlight, the ocean seems like it is the sky and the sky seems like it is the ocean.

SO COME TO COLOMBIA with Sarah Clark and I!!!! March 9-17: Cartagena and Palomino. Disconnect from the electronics to reconnect to yourself. I am getting so excited!!! There are still some spots left and the early bird expires jan 25, so sign up now!

IMG_5123Happy New Year, Yogis!

I don’t know about you, but 2012 was a crazy year for me. I was at a kirtan new year’s day with Carrie Grossman (if you ever get a chance to go hear her and sing with her, you should, she is amazing!). She was saying that something amazing comes into your life, its expansiveness is so overwhelming that you both want to move toward it and run away from it because it is so much and it is so real. When you meet someone who rocks your world, when an incredible job opportunity comes your way, it is both amazing and scary. It is hard to give ourselves permission not just to touch greatness, but to BE in greatness. Our own potential is scary.

I feel that after all of the events in this last year, we are truly being called to that higher part of ourselves, to find the courage to live more fully in our own greatness. Not in a way that is fake or only peaceful or only happy, but in a real way, where we can be raw with whatever it is that we are carrying and channel it into a higher consciousness to start or maybe even continue to live the life that we want in the kind of world that we want to be a part of. There are opportunities in every second of our day to make this happen. You can’t change the world, but you can sure affect the people around you and your own surroundings every single day.

So maybe this year, instead of trying to change huge things we dislike about ourselves, maybe we can grow into those parts of ourselves that are already working and wonderful. Maybe instead of taking out the stuff you don’t do well or don’t like you can add in more of the stuff you do like; surround yourself with people that are good, not toxic; spend time in ways that is fruitful, not deadening. And maybe in this way the good stuff will continue to grow because it is right and it has to.