It’s here!!

Music has historically made movements and broken them. It has been censored, banned, celebrated, called upon and played at churches, weddings, parties, meditations, prison lock-downs, slave labor, protests, wars, inaugurations, funerals and any other significant event you can think of. It has been a way for people to communicate and find energy, a way to move societies in different directions. It makes people dance, laugh, cry, love, remember… so it is not extreme to say that music revolutionizes us and changes on a profound level. There’s something undefinable and undeniable about it. It’s powerful. Powerful enough to have been feared at times.

The album is ready. At first I thought, how can I release it right now? And then it seemed to me that there is no better time. No, this is not music of disention, it is also not music of rebellion and it is, unfortunately, not even punk-rock Krisna music (which would’ve been so much fun!). But it is revolutionary music. Revolutionary in that it will scrub your subtle body so clean, that you will have no choice but to love more deeply, move through the world more sweetly and show up more clearly. This music has changed my life. It is a small gesture in these times, I know, but I hope perhaps it can change yours too in some subtle, good way.

On that note, The Monki Menace is thrilled to finally release- the Bhakti Riot!!! We put a lot of love into it and hope that these mantras and can be a good companion to you in this time of fluctuation. It was our first attempt at laying down some tracks and came with a very steep learning curve. I hope you receive it in the way in which it was meant, as an offer to the light of your own spirit, to soften the edges around your heart and move us closer together -as a community- toward peace and love.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to making it happen: the amazing musicians who played, our producers and engineers, and mostly, you guys- who inspired me to try something new and contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, the kirtan and the overall singing in class. I remembered throughout the process that I don’t know anything and I am simply a humble student of this thing called life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Come to the Album release class at Pure West on Feb 18th from 12-1:15 (for non-members and members alike) and meet some of the band. Sign up here! We will sing, practice and breath together, and we will have copies there for purchase. Or, if you would rather buy it now, you can do it on my website, click here. It will also soon be available in a few weeks on itunes and such. Check out our website out with all the lyrics to the mantras! Enjoy Yogis!

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