fall into step…

with your spirit.

Labor Day marked such a clear energetic shift this year. The chaotic playful craziness of summer has morphed into the steady directional intentionality of fall. The back to school energy is very palpable and though I have not been in a structured school environment for years, I love riding this wave to refine and even redefine what I am studying and working on and to re-inspire myself.

My teachers have inculcated in me the knowledge that our spirits and our hearts need to be fed, much like our bodies need food and that we must take time every day cultivate this relationship. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have gone flat or that the color in your life has gone monochrome. And this is a great time of the year to reignite and re-inspire your spirit, to feed it the most delicious of spirit foods and tickle it and love on it.

So this fall I began by rearranging my living space and moving stuff around, just because it is fun and feels good on my brain; I am going to indulge in delicious, fresh, nutritious foods (especially starting this Friday when I leave with Terrence for our Italy retreat); I will surround myself with people I love and who stimulate and challenge me (the latter is important because you need peeps who will keep you honest); I’m going to take yoga from those incredible teachers in the city who make me better and seek those out of the city who I am intrigued by; I will explore at least one new studio; I will take a class in something I have never done before, I’m thinking parkour or circus arts (and as many of you know, I have been bullied, BULLIED, by some of my students to take a Figure 4 class with them, but this is not voluntary, so it does not count!); I will play music with friends and sing lots, even more than before; and read everything I did not get to read on the subway this summer when I was on my bike.

What are you going to do to fuel your heart and your spirit? What’s your version of going back to school? I love hearing from you guys and letting the dialogue flow… Also, if you want to come explore with me, let me know. We can yoga together or you can come with me to any of my new undertakings.

As always, I am so grateful for my job and for you guys. My schedule, the chants, retreats and special events are always current on here.

Upcoming Events

Rare and Weird Inversions and Hips

Pure East
Saturday Oct. 5 from 2-4:30
$30 members, $35 non-members

In this workshop we will move deep into hip town: play with some lotus, foot behind the head and arm balancing variations and then take the whole thing upside down. Whether your hips are tight or whether they are not, you will want to be there! It will be a yummy, smoldering practice that will leave you more than ready for your Saturday night dance party. Come play!


Jamaica Spring Retreat

with the awesome Leila Zimbel
March 16-23

full details on the spring retreat tab

Ways to continue studying with me…

Be my mentee

Pure Yoga has a mentorship program and as part of their 500hr, you can study with me for three months, one-on-one for 100 of those hours. You would teach a community class at Pure once a week and we would design a program specifically for you and your needs. It’s so cool and has become one of my favorite ways to collaborate and teach.

If you are interested, talk to me about it…

Also, I will be teaching part of the 300hr TT at the Savannah Yoga Center…

in October and once again in December. If you are interested or have friends who might be. Check out the details here…