December Schedule

Darling Ones,

Greetings from Colombia! After nine or ten months of not seeing my mom, sister and nephew, I cannot describe how amazing it is to be home for a bit. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen my mom happier. A huge ping pong fan, I brought her a set that turns our dining table into a ping pong table and am getting my ass handed to me on the daily, keeping my spirit humble. It has been glorious.

My original plan was to teach through December. However, I’ve had a handful of technological glitches which have proven that our wifi demands are a bit too high for the internet here.

Rather than fight technology, loose my mind and harsh your mellows, I am teaching my last class tomorrow at 10 ET and will pause LoveStreams until Jan 1, when I am back in New York. On the 1st, we will kick off the New Year with a luscious 2 hour practice from 4-6pm. Hope you can join.

If that gave you a small panic attack, DON’T WORRY. There are 30 plus awesome REPLAYS at your disposal in the ON DEMAND library. CHECK THEM OUT!! You can pay per view via drop-ins, all class cards and memberships. (Links to everything are at the bottom.)

They are chock full of all the MILES VIBES you have grown to love. Everything from exhausting Dad Jokes, to a sense of togetherness, the opportunity to cuss me out without me hearing you, my pandemic 80’s bandana hair… the works. AND, what’s even better, is you get to choose your own adventure instead of being entirely at my mercy. Everything from Sweeter Than Bowie to Full, Intermediate and Quickie practices and even a few of the new Short and Sweet (30-45 min).

To get there:
-Go to my SCHEDULE page
-Top right hand corner, Click on ON DEMAND
– If only a few show up on that top right corner Click on SHOW MORE

And of course, there are always the subscription libraries: Miles Yoga TV and our Collaborative, Single Point Yoga that are 25% off for December. A total fucking deal if you ask me.

So lots of options to see my face and get your butts handed to yourand your hearts moored.

And for those of you who know Hankie and have retreated with him or been in class with him, please send him your love. He’s getting up there years and his health isn’t so good. I did get to see him before I left and asked him if I could take a selfie with him and he smiled like the wise old wizard that he is.

Love you all! And as always, grateful for our community, each and every one of your spirits, and your support.

Don’t hesitate to write me with any questions or concerns.

Happy Holidays!