yoga survival guide nyc

I created this list when my first home studio, Om Yoga closed on June 27 of 2012. As you keep riding the waves of your practice through our wild and ever-changing city, I continually update some of my favorite teachers. I believe we are in one of the best cities in the world for yoga! Go out, explore!!! You have a cornucopia of teachers with unique gifts and these are just some of my favorites and some of the places they teach:

  • Leila Zimbel- Pure Yoga
  • Magi Pierce- Kula Yoga Project
  • Arial Karass- Kula Yoga Project
  • Lindsay Ashmun- Kula Yoga Project
  • Jared McCann- Lighthouse Yoga School
  • Kevin Bigger- Kula Yoga Project/ Om Factory
  • Giulia Pline- Kula Yoga Project