Chosen Family

I’ve been waxing nostalgic remembering all our times together. All the studios where I’ve worked over the years- starting at Om. Some of you’ve been with me since then. When I was a girl. Haha. When I wasn’t allowed to chant in class because the owner couldn’t handle it.

All the workshops I’ve taught, in all the cities- nationally and internationally, some of you i’ve met there.

All the trainings, taken and offered- the people I’ve met along the way…

The retreats through the years: Cartagena; Jamaica, India, Bhutan, Italy, Nuqui… All the amazing teachers who have led them with me. All the learning. The potential disasters… There was the first year in Nuqui when we almost didn’t make it. Loosing Giulia in Italy. The Bus in Mumbai. The hospital in Timphu with Elenita. India while half broken after a motorcycle accident. All the smaller ones upstate: growing heart, Raghu’s farm (the most unahappy with the happiest memories, hahahaha), Ghent, and a bunch of other little houses and farms along the way… I think of all the meals; the conversations; the cervezas… All the hylerical hyena laughs, making cupcakes in the ocean, luminescence, and aliens… Flash floods in Italy, dancing on the rooftop naked. Night swims and skinny dips, and howling at the moon… Japanese soaking tubs, cooking classes, vino and short sheeted beds… There may have been some heavy twerking in there somewhere… I can’t say either way…. Early morning practices in cow dung shalas, elephants and yaks, waterfalls… Singing while we cook… The friendships, the fallings in love and out. The hard conversations, the cries, the birthdays, the brain melts, the party waves… Kirtans on planes, trains, boats and buses…. I’ve constantly been amazed that you’ve trusted me with all of it. Both great and sometimes super weird adventures.

We’ve been together through having kids, changing jobs, new loves, divorces, illnesses, injury… Through weddings, funerals, transitions and transformations….

I would’ve left this week for our retreat in Colombia with Laila. I’ve felt patient in the missing of you up until now, but today, I’ve let it hit me and have felt emotional. You’ve been my chosen family over these years, even though it is really you who have chosen me. I am so grateful for you. It’s been a magical life with you.

August marks13 years in the seat of the teacher. And you are all a testament that together we can build something amazing, abundant… real. It gives me heart and energy for all that need to happen now and all that is to come. I know we’ve been at this quarantine thing a while. I know some days feel grueling beyond belief. I know you miss me, too. It’s been a long road with lots yet to come. Hopefully our practice will continue to carry us through like the magic carpet that it is. Alone/together. All this is a way to say thank you. You are loved and missed. Thanks for all the birthday love you sent my way this week.

I’m off for a few days. Practice will renew on Wednesday July 29th at 6:00 pm.
Schedge for next week is updated here.

If there are elders in your life who are needing to move, I am adding an English hour of my elder classes every Thursday in August at 10:45 ET. I am having such an amazing time teaching them. Please let your people know. The sign up is the same as that of other classes. $15 via venmo or paypal and the zoom meeting ID is my cell, 347-683-9115, pass is chant108.

If you are looking to practice these net couple of days, check out the subscription library at or email me to get the latest links. 

Big hugs everyone,

Miles & Booboo

PS. New Yorkers!! Many of you have been asking how you can help the hideous attack of the Trump administration on your trans friends and family. Well, here is something concrete you can do. Call Majority Leader Andrea Stewart -Cousins (581)455-2585 and Speaker Carl Heastie (581)455-3791 and tell them to repeal the walking while trans ban which is an antiquated “anti-loitering” bill currently on the floor used to profile people thought to be sex workers and disproportionately affect trans people. Repeal has a majority of support in the state legislature with its major road block being these two who have not voice firm support of its repeal. I called and got through easily today. Please call!