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Those of you who have been in class have probably noticed that I have been obsessed this summer with the idea of receptivity. Often times receptivity can be confused with passivity, but they are far from the same thing. Passivity implies a kind of deadening and giving up. Receptivity, on the other hand is an active state, a conversation, a dialogue. And for that, there has to be an openness and a willingness to participate. It means that you can still be fully yourself and have all of you present as you take the other in. There is no giving up, but there is a huge sense of letting go in it.

I have been obsessed with it because it has been one of the big lessons life has been offering me this summer. In the struggle to stay receptive and open, I have been allowing for life to lead me into the fall. Some big changes have taken place in my life this summer so I have been forced to really listen to my heart and the opportunities life is offering me. As I continue to challenge you guys to take really good care of yourselves, I have to walk the walk and do the same. It is always surprising where life leads you and not necessarily where you expect. And yet it seems to always be what you need. So I am throwing my hands up and letting life take the lead.

Due to that, my schedule will be very different in the fall. Due to scheduling conundrums, I am taking a break from Kula. I am ever grateful to Nikki and Schuyler for their guidance and their patience with me and you will still see me practice there and sub there from time to time. Regardless, I am here for you with anything you need.

I am also adding more classes at Pure Yoga, The House of Jai, and Bija Yoga (where I will be working with Natalie, Eli, Abby and Narisara from Om) and am extremely excited to join their families.

I have two fall workshops coming up in mid September and mid October, you can check them out here.

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Have a great rest of your summer. I hope to see you all soon…