attention grasshopper…

Chatting with C the other day, sitting around our apartment in Bushwick, the neighborhood I have lived in for the last 7/8 years, when I realized that: I don’t teach in Brooklyn anymore. And that Brooklyn is the most expensive real estate in the U.S. And that I live on a yoga teacher income. And that the L will be shutting down here shortly. And mostly, that I sometimes commute five to six hours a day (which is why, even after the accident, I can’t conceive of letting go of my motorcycle. That, and I love riding it)

One of the most amazing things I’ve learned from C is that making things sweeter, better, easier, more beautiful, and more delicious should never wait. It should be a first priority. I never thought of it that way before I met her. Maybe I didn’t think I deserved it or something. Her philosophy though: Following your joy is the most direct route to success. It’s so obvious. So yogic. The middle path- ease! The sattvic way is never wrong. Why then, is it so counter intuitive??? Follow that thread first and the rest will fall into place. Duh, Grasshopper!!!

I’ve gotten better at making decisions this way and when I do, amazing things unfold. It has not yet led me astray. So… in the midst of this conversation, C started looking for apartments in Manhattan. She said, I wonder if we could live closer to your work and all my auditions and spend the same or less?

What really fucks with my head and nervous system is that I’ve commuted this much for so long, that I’ve gotten used to that being my life. That’s how things are. It has never occurred to me that this was something I can change. It is so embedded in the blueprint of my life and had been for so long, that it became this huge blind spot.

Blind spots fascinate me. I spend my days shining light on them and inside them for you guys. I seek teachers willing to shine light on mine. This was right in front of me and I couldn’t see it. Fascinating!!! Isn’t it? I had created this reality for myself, but the structure, the walls that were keeping me bound were all in my mind.

Are there things like this in your life? Unspoken, obvious assumptions that have become foundation but are perhaps getting in the way of your bliss? I’m finding, the further I go, that I must be very weary of assumptions. The way I look at it, the political situation is so bad and so many things are so uncertain right now that it feels like we don’t have time to sit in things that are comfortable but no longer serve us. It’s time to follow the path of joy. Live the fullest, sweetest lives and see where that takes us. It takes courage and trust. Sometimes even a big leap. The truth is that we can change most circumstances in our lives, if we want to. Some changes take time. Some are huge and happen suddenly. It is our life. We better own it.

So starting this Sunday, I will be walking to Pure East to teach my class. And I will have five to six more hours A DAY to putter, naval gaze, hang out, dream, ruminate, sing, teach and ruffle feathers and of course, solve the conundrums of the universe. Shit’s gonna get really real. Expect a housewarming soon in our glorious backyard. Hank and Arlo will be hosting, obviously. And C will also be able to see you folks who want Reiki in our new space. Good things are on their way, that’s for sure.

Oh, and team, don’t wait on making those changes. This is your life. Your practice. Start being your best advocate now and if you need help, call me, I’ll put Caroline on the horn and she will talk some sense into you. Heed the Grand Master!

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Flash Sale for Italy: I came back from Nuqui so fired up that Joey and I want to offer everyone $150 off of the Early Bird for Italy if you sign up by March 15th. It’s a small way I can give back. It’s just so important to get a chance to have a break and recharge. It can completely alter your perspective.

Friday April 7 From 6:00-8:00pm Doyal, Caroline and I are getting together again to bring you another Asana and Kirtan Practice that will be in honor of your hips. The album release was such a success with the live music playing throughout that we are going to try to keep the high vibrations going. It will be at the Bhakti Center, all are welcome! email me to register $40.

*** Photo by Jamie Baird for the Yoga Bodies Book. Look for it on Amazon.