Arm Balances
Yogaworks Back Bay, Boston
Saturday Sept. 22, 11-1

Arm balances have more to do with balance and alignment than strength. Much like any building or piece of architecture, if you stack the bones up properly and create a good foundation, the rest will follow.

The Art of Hands On Assists
Yogaworks Back Bay, Boston
Saturday Sept. 22, 2-4

Touch is an art and can be very healing. Each person is unique and sparks a different conversation. In this workshop we will distill poses to educate our eyes to follow the lines of energy in the body and sharpen our instincts. Recruiting our creativity, sense of wonder and respect for each other will bring us deeper into the conversation of compassionate and clean touch. Thus unleashing the alchemy of healing for both parties.

Yoga And Mantra Unplugged
Yogaworks, Cambridge, MA
Sunday Sept 23, 12-2pm

This is hybrid between a led class and self-practice. Miles will lead the sequence in small doses, which you will then have a chance to practice on your own time with your own flare- making them slower or faster/ harder or easier/or finding different gems along the way. As you practice, Miles and Caroline will create a music soundscape for you to move with.