The Jam (Master Class with music)
All Sunday’s from 12:30 to 2:30
Pure Yoga East
$35 walk in

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This is a full practice with live music, asana, pranayama, meditation, dharma, stories, energy work and amazing assists.

Heart Over Head: Master Class
Bogota, Colombia
Yoga Studio
February 11 from 9-11am


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This will be a slow, smoldering back bendy practice, setting up good alignment and strength in the body in order to allow soft, delicious back bending. We will explore the bandhas, breathwork and mantra.

Live Kirtan
With Miles, Caroline and Doyal
March 2, 2018
Pure Yoga East
$45 All are welcome


Save the date! Doyal, Caroline and I will be leading a kirtan to usher us into the new year. Come and sing or simply listen. You will feel so good by the time you leave.

The Jam: Back Bending and Hips
Fair Haven, NJ
Synergy Hot Yoga 
March 17 from 1-3

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This Master Class will focus on back bends and hips. It will be an open invitation to play. We will build heat slowly, using the architecture of the body to strengthen and soften alike. forget about perfection and let yourself get lost in the experience of asana pranayama, chanting, and live music.

Space Vs. Shape 100 Hr. TT (for teachers)
with Miles Borrero and Rebecca Sandlin
Pure Yoga East
March 22-25/May 31- June 3
Thursdays and Fridays from 5-9
Saturdays and Sundays from 9-7

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Creating a wholehearted, meaningful experience for your students is an art. You may already teach a class with an intuitive, creative, and delicious sequence or you may be drawn to teaching more of the philosophical and energetic aspects of class, yet a master teacher straddles both seamlessly. The first weekend will focus on “shape” the physical spine of a class: how to string shapes artfully together in a sequence that’s respectful and deliberate in opening the body and settling the mind; the shape of the actual class- why you are teaching what you are teaching; how to assist different bodies and the shapes they make with your hands; and how to teach to different levels by deconstructing those shapes.

We will then suture the first and second weekend together by moving deeper into “space”, or the energetics/esoterics of a class. Here we will examine the subtler aspects of teaching: the relationship between philosophy and physical dharma; the importance of connecting to your “source” or voice; and the relationship between how you tell a story with a class and why you are telling that story- the use of dynamics, tempo, volume, your voice, music, the space itself, the use of ritual, pranayama, and meditation; and finally, how to add philosophical dimension to your class in a way that is genuine. All this enabling you to score a class which offers a deeper connection between the seat of the teacher and the true meaning of holding space for your students.