Where is My Head?
Saturday Nov. 11th 11-1:30pm
Pure Yoga West
$35 members-$40 non-members

There can be great confusion as to where the head should go in asanas and what to do with it. Yoga loads the top half of our bodies in a way that is unusual for many of us. Most of us can relate to having neck tension and discomfort in our upper backs and shoulders. So the question of what to do with our heads, the heaviest part of  the body, becomes important.

This is my attempt at giving you the information you need so you can carve out a sweeter relationship to your spine in poses, thus completing your spine in a way that doesn’t tax your neck and shoulders unnecessarily.

The first hour will be an experiential anatomy portion highlighting the relationship of the tailbone to the head. Then we will practice to integrate what you’ve learned into your asana.

The Jam (Master Class with music)
All Sunday’s from 12:30 to 2:30
Pure Yoga East
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This is a full practice with live music, asana, pranayama, meditation, dharma, stories, energy work and amazing assists.