100 hr. Mentorship

If you have a 200hr TT under your belt, and have been looking for more training, you can study with me one on one, as a mentee, through Pure Yoga or through Prema Yoga Brooklyn. I will design a program specifically for you and it will be a full blown apprenticeship, where you get to shadow me in class, start teaching some of it, and eventually have more and more responsibility as we collaborate. Pure lasts three months, Prema two and they are slightly different. Pure will give you a community class on a weekly basis to use what we have been learning and for Prema you will teach one community a month. It’s an opportunity for you to get into the nitty gritty of your teaching and pick my brain about absolutely anything and everything. I’ve worked with people who have done their 200 hour and are not yet teaching and also with people who are already teaching, so wherever you are is the best place to start from.

*For more info contact me.