trump era survival kit

It is a strange day when I can say I am interested in anything that happens in American Football, yet here we are. Desperate times require desperate measures. In times when we are becoming more and more divided, not only as a country, but in some instances with our very own loved ones, I have decided to put together some resources that are helping me move through all of this in some way. If you have stuff I’ve missed that you love, please send it along as these articles and videos as a kind of promise of what is possible and what we could be.


Brene Brown- We need to keep talking about Charlottesville

Mitch Landrieu (Mayor of New Orleans)- Full Speech on Removal of Confederate Statues

Hannah Gadsby- Nannette


The Dying Art of Disagreement- by Bret Stephens



’13th’ on Netflix



“On Being” with Krista Tippet- The Moral World in Dark Times: Hannah Arendt for Now

#takeaknee pose

Back in the day at Om Yoga this pose was commonly called “proposal pose”. Back in that day, it wasn’t legal for us LGBTQ folks to marry so I could never bring myself to call it that when I started teaching. I know it probably seems like I was being too sensitive but I had to marry my best friend so I could stay, even though I was in love with a woman who was American. Actually, I should say I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend, whom I madly love. So I always had to describe this pose (which is a bitch to do, by the way because it is not anjanayasana) because I couldn’t bring myself to call it the common name. I now know what I will be calling it #takeaknee pose. Finally a proper name.