OnLine workshop

A closer look at sequencing

This workshop teases apart the art of sequencing. We discuss various different ways you can sequence, why you would use a different method for different kinds of practices, and how to inspire your home-practice and inject it with some vitamins and love. This is for teachers and committed yoga students. I recommend you pair it with the practice offered in my practices called ‘Tracing the Midline’. That said, it is also not necessary and they both stand well on their own. Enjoy!

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A Closer Look at Hands On Assists

2 hr. This workshop was designed for yoga teachers and enthusiasts who would like to deepen their hands on assist practice. You can invite a friend and practice on them as you watch or simply watch, there are good nuggets in there either way. We break things down and simplify them in order to develop your eye so that you can have a better idea how to customize assists for each person and their body. It is my absolute favorite thing to teach. I hope to be adding some more segments to it later. Enjoy!!

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