About Miles


Like a cat, I’ve had many lives, and probably lost some along the way. Among them: skateboarder, horseback rider, actor, real estate agent, and rocker. They’ve all shaped who I am today. Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and raised in the 80’s and 90’s -the Escobar years- in Bogotá, Colombia, you can say I’ve had my fair share of anxiety, neurosis and s***t to work through. Now I’m in my yoga teacher, harmonium hugger, lover, shape-shifter and peaceful warrior phase. A phase I don’t think will ever grow old for me. To be honest, you are getting me at my very best. The work is by no means done, but it is well under way…

Coming from a classical vinyasa yoga background, I embrace its rigor- maintaining all of the traditional elements of the practice while still allowing for the freedom to play with the structure. My classes are yoga pulled apart and reconstructed, then twisted around and flipped on its head for an artful, enlivened experience, creating a sweet, dynamic and creative flow that will feel good in your body and feed your spirit.

My teachings spark from my personal practice and moodling on my mat for the past fifteen years along with everything I have learned from all my teachers. I also borrow things I love from other traditions. The result, I hope, bridges the wisdom of this ancient science, connecting it in a way that’s immediate to our modern day lives. The teachings of yoga should lead to greater freedom, lightness and ease. During practice, we work hard, play hard and most importantly create a container to hold space for each other to have our personal experience and unwind.

I’m interested in creating, along with you, a more embodied, compassionate, dynamic and brave community of humans. The world needs us right now. It is up to us to meet the challenge squarely and with grace. Our practice is the training ground where we ready ourselves to awaken and fulfill the potential of our deepest nature, our dharma.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to learn from some of the most amazing masters: Raghunath Cappo, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Tom Myers, Ana Forrest, Schuyler Grant, Judith Lasater, Rusty Wells, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, and too many countless others to name. Everything good I am, I’ve learned from them.

I’m currently based in NYC and teach at Pure Yoga and Five Pillars Yoga.